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When our small family business started in 1919, we set out to build a better boat. What began as a service yard maintaining and repairing commercial fishing boats, but quickly evolved into one of the first operations converting existing cruisers to boats more suitable for targeting the sport fish that teemed off of the waters of Palm Beach. Following World War II, in 1946, we designed and launched our first sportfishing boat, Miss Chevy II.  She was a 34' 20-knot boat that sported the world's first aluminum outriggers and a fighting chair.

Since the launch of that first boat in 1947, we have built boats ranging in size from 24' to 94'. From our day boats and cuddy-cabin-style boats of the early days, to our walk-arounds, center consoles and express boats of the 80s and 90s, to our large, long-range modern sportfishing boats of today, we have experience building them all. The one common element that each have is that they are custom, and built hand-in-hand with someone wanting to see their vision on the water. For a full list, visit our registry.

Today, we operate as a fully custom boat builder and will build to any size. Our philosophy is simple, "Listen, Think and Create." We want to bring your dream to the water.

On the Drawing Board

Line drawing profile: 39' Express

39' Express

Line drawing profile: 47' Sportfisherman

47' Sportfisherman

Line drawing profile: 66' Walkaround

66' Walkaround

Line drawing profile: 62' Sportfisherman

62' Sportfisherman

Line drawing profile: 65' Sportfisherman

65' Sportfisherman

Line drawing profile: 68' Sportfisherman

68' Sportfisherman

Line drawing profile: 73' Sportfisherman

73' Sportfisherman

Line drawing profile: 76' Sportfisherman

78' Sportfisherman

Line drawing profile: 86' Sportfisherman

86' Sportfisherman

Line drawing profile: 94' Sportfisherman

94' Sportfisherman

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